Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Preparing Halo's Kittens For Their Forever Homes by Karen Rose Smith

I spend each day appreciating the relationship of Halo with her kittens. She's still very attached and knows where each of them is. But she doesn't let them suckle as easily and sometimes separates herself from them so they nap alone. For the past week, we spent time preparing Tia and Mason to go to their forever homes.  Both are multi-cat families.

The adoptive parents came to meet Tia and Mason this week. They played and had great get-to-know-you sessions. Tia will be leaving the end of October and Mason the beginning of November.

We have moved the screen from the office doorway.  Twice a day, we open the kitchen and dining room to Halo and her trio. They needed new areas to explore or they get into trouble! In addition, our cat Zoie can see us interacting with Halo and her family.. Usually my husband stays with the kittens and I champion Zoie. Zoie would hiss when this began. But today she lay relaxed on her side of the screen.

I believe some cats are intuitive. We are keeping Paddington and Halo. Paddington and Zoie have gravitated toward each other, finally touching paws and noses through the screen. The others haven't done that. Today when Paddington tried to climb the screen, I scooped her up and took her into the living room with Zoie. They touched noses for real and sniffed each other. Then Zoie ran off and I returned Paddington to the kitchen. It was a good first meet.

Each day I spend with Halo, Mason, Tia and Paddington is a gift.

 My sleuth Caprice is an animal lover and takes in strays!

©2014 Karen Rose Smith

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Deborah Blake said...

Thanks for sharing that gift with us! This has been a really special time. I am so glad that the other two are going to good forever homes.