Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall in #Pennsylvania by Karen Rose Smith

All of a sudden overnight temperatures have dipped and it's really fall in Pennsylvania.  Soon the leaves will be turning magnificent colors.  Fall is a time to prepare for winter and we've started doing that in small ways.  The feral cat shelter has become overgrown with summer growth which is perfect camouflage for the shelter.

We have inserted an outdoor heating pad in another shelter closer to the house.

We moved the hibiscus tree from the patio to the shelter of a small porch to protect it from the cold nights before we move it inside.

Mums are abundant in PA right now and we've taken advantage of that to decorate for the season.

The leaves on a nearby dogwood are turning and our birch is scattering the ground with its summer foliage.  We still have a few sunflowers decorating the yard and the pampas grass is the most interesting this time of year.

Inside, I've added the chenille spread to the bedroom with my favorite quilt.  I've already started cooking soups and stews for the colder season.

There will be more seasonal changes in the upcoming weeks.  

What does your location look like this time of year? 

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Jean said...

In Texas, it doesn't change as dramatically. I use the winter months to remove overgrowth to give us a fresh start in the yard for the spring. I have an overgrown island in the front yard I can't seem to get ahead of the overgrowth with. I'll tackle it again this winter. I clean the bases of the crape myrtles. Yard work never ends. Thankfully, I mostly enjoy it.