Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halo's Ten-Week-Old #Kittens Meet Zoie by Karen Rose Smith

This week the kittens grew not only in size but in maturity. Tia, Paddington and Mason, now ten weeks old, still sleep together, depend on each other and play together.  Yet once in a while, they will go off on their own to find a place to sleep.

Halo still calls them all to her a few times a day. They suckle for a short time but basically just want to cuddle with mom.

Because our two-year-old Zoie is missing Ebbie who recently passed away, we put up a screen in a doorway so for short intervals she can see the kittens and Halo. Halo checked out the hall in front of the screen, but for the most part she lets the kittens wander and play there on their own. We give Zoie treats to coax her closer but she usually sits about twenty feet away to watch.

We are feeding the trio canned food four times a day and dry food in between. We have to be careful that Halo doesn't eat too much of their food because it will stir up her colitis. She's stable as long as she stays on her diet of ground chicken, ground rice and pumpkin with a trace of kitten canned food.

Paddy can now jump from the floor to the top of my desk!  Where one goes, the others won't be far behind. Now and then we take Tia and Mason to another part of the house to separate them from each other and Halo. Halo calls for a while to find them but then settles down.

Tia, Paddy and Mason visited with two children this week. The kids, who were fourth and sixth graders, handled them beautifully and the kittens had fun. They'll be getting company again this weekend.  Since my office is fairly quie, we play H&G TV during the day to give them a little background noise with human voices. With the screen up now and then between my office and our kitchen, they are getting used to household movement and appliance noise.

Halo's kittens are precious. Just watching them play and holding them when they sleep is an awesome experience.

More next week!

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Deborah Blake said...

I never get tired of looking at those adorable little faces.

I'm truly impressed by how you are handling all this!