Monday, October 20, 2014

Halo's Precious 3 Month Old #Kittens by Karen Rose Smith

Halo's kittens--Tia, Mason and Miss Paddington--have been a pure joy to raise.  They are three months old today. They needed the past 12 weeks to be with their mom, to learn from her, take comfort from her, and to play and cuddle with each other. To us they are the sweetest kittens in the world.

Within the last week, they have shown more independence, but still huddle together with each other and with mom. Since we are keeping Paddington, within the last week she has spent time at least twice a day with two-year-old Zoie. For the most part, Zoie doesn't hiss anymore. They've taken a nap on the bed together a few feet apart, chased up the floor-to-ceiling cat tree and slept on the separate shelves. Each day brings a little more progress and I'm hopeful they can be best buddies. Our older cat London has only glimpsed the kittens through the screen and seems to be in denial about their existence. She runs back upstairs.

Comforting each other after the vet visit.
The kittens saw their veterinarian this week for the second part of their distemper vaccine. Paddington received an extra injection since she had a reaction the last time. All three had no ill effects. They all weigh about three and a half pounds.
Some motherly comfort for Mason after his vet visit.

Where before the kittens had to be enticed with a toy to cuddle with us, now they sometimes seek us out...and nap close by. When we had company this weekend, six of us sat at the diner table. The kittens played musical laps but weren't intrusive. Each would settle on a lap for a while, then move on to another lap. Fortunately most of our friends love cats.

Paddy new favorite spot to nap--on top of the piano!
Mason explores the drinking fountain.

Tia will be going to her adoptive home on Monday. I'll be spending as much time as I can with her this week. It's an understatement to say I'm going to miss her. We are giving all of them as much love as we can and will be sending it with them.


Anonymous said...

Loved it! These will be such sweet memories.

Anonymous said...

Loved it!

scaro said...

Such sweet pics...I will miss the three little kittens when two go their own ways.
Carol Smith

Vonnie Alto said...

You gave Halo and her kittens the best care in the world! I'm going to miss Mason and Tia. From my experience, it might be hard on all four once Mason and Tia leave since the four felines seem completely bonded with each other. On the other hand, what a wonderful start you gave them! How exciting that you found good homes for Mason & Tia!