Monday, August 23, 2021

MURDER WITH ORANGE PEKOE TEA release @karenrosesmith


My 106th published novel will be released on Tuesday, August 24, 2021!!! It hardly seems possible that my first novel was published in 1992. I wrote romance for 20 years and then turned to writing cozy mysteries. This is my second mystery series. MURDER WITH ORANGE PEKOE TEA is the seventh book in my Daisy's Tea Garden series. The series is set in the fictional town of Willow Creek in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and has a home and hearth flavor. Relationships are everything in my sleuth's life as well as concerning motive in murder.

Some of the themes in the series readers have enjoyed are these. Daisy has two teenage daughters at the start of the series. Her daughter Jazzi is adopted and begins a search for her birth mother. In later books, her older daughter Violet falls in love. An out of wedlock pregnancy causes a bit of turmoil! Daisy becomes more acquainted with Jonas Groft, a former detective, who now owns a furniture store. He makes many of the pieces himself. Daisy's childhood friend Rachel Fisher is Amish. This is a connection to the plain community that enables Daisy to find necessary clues when solving the murder cases.

Daisy's Tea Garden is located in an old Victorian and she runs it with her Aunt Iris. Pennsylvania Dutch food and goodies play a part in the cozies as well as the traditional scones and tarts that are served with tea. The tea garden allows customers to buy soups, salads and baked goods as well as serving afternoon full tea service on appointed days. Daisy's specialty tea services are a local and tourist experience.

Please come and visit Daisy's Tea Garden and become a member of the Willow Creek community as well as a part of Daisy's family.



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