Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#Kitty Capers, Six Weeks Old by Karen Rose Smith

Halo's kitties are six weeks old!!! And growing. This week brought the new game of chasing mom's tail.

All three kittens, Tia, Paddington and Mayzie, are eating from dishes with a mixture of formula and kitten food. Tia insists on eating mom's whose is a special mixture of ground chicken, rice, pumpkin, chicken broth and kitten food. Paddington eats the formula mixture first then wants mom's. Just like kids who want what they want.

After eating about six times a day, they play for a longer period--tumbling, wrestling and chasing. We're attempting to teach litter etiquette.

The trio are attracted to toys now too.  They like the flannel strip wand and little plastic whirl-a-gigs that are easy to push and chase.  They are also taking to the chew toys.

At the end of play time, Halo calls her babies to her.  Sometimes two come and one falls asleep somewhere else.  They are suckling for comfort and for some food.  But often when I peek in, all three are sleeping in a huddle or they are all laying with Halo.

They are entertaining and a joy to watch.  So adorably mischievous and curious.  The wonder in their eyes is a sight to behold.


Kandy Shepherd said...

Is there anything more enchanting than kittens? They are so precious and Halo such a beautiful, dedicate mama cat. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Liv Rancourt said...

They are SO cute! Every time you post one of their pictures, it melts my heart.

Vonnie Alto said...

What a beautiful feline family! I so enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing about their growth and development. Halo is such a good mother!!!

scaro said...

The Three Little Kittens rhyme comes to mind watching these kittens grow.
I would never be able to give them up. So glad you helped Halo through everything.
Keep the pics coming!!!
Carol Smith