Sunday, September 7, 2014

What If Every Town Had A #MOMMY CLUB? by Karen Rose Smith

As a new mom, I remember the awe I felt when my son was placed in my arms. But I also remember the overwhelming sense of responsibility and the powerful realization that I would be taking care of this little being twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! Fortunately my husband was an involved dad. We shared the joys and the sleep-deprived nights of those first few months and that made our journey into parenthood a bonding experience.

Away from the town where I was raised, I didn't have friends where we settled. Back then, new parent support groups didn't exist. So when I created the concept of THE MOMMY CLUB for my most recent romance series, it was the type of organization that I wish I had had access to. THE MOMMY CLUB is funded by a foundation contributed to by generous donors. In the small town of Fawn Grove, California, THE MOMMY CLUB has volunteers who help parents in need from food to clothing to a physician on-call to affordable daycare. The families who are helped want to give back and pay it forward. They become volunteers too and part of THE MOMMY CLUB network, helping any way they can. What if every town had a MOMMY CLUB?

In A MATCH MADE BY BABY, my hero Adam has the care of his niece thrust upon him. Unprepared, he calls in THE MOMMY CLUB. To his surprise, pediatrician Kaitlyn Foster shows up at his door. Their one encounter left them both vulnerable to the sizzle that now zips between them as together they care for Adam's infant niece. Irrevocable bonds form until neither Adam nor Kaitlyn can deny them. They are A MATCH MADE BY BABY. I hope you enjoy their romantic journey as they discover happily-ever-after is within their reach.

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