Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kitties Everywhere, Halo's Kittens at Two Months Old by Karen Rose Smith

Halo's kittens are two months old!  It doesn't seem possible that at the end of July when they were born they weighed 4.5 ounces and now they're two pounds big. Although Mayzie looks the biggest, he and Paddington are about the same weight now--Paddington caught up since being weaned. And dainty looking Tia weighs the most.

This week brought the challenge of trimming a few claws.  We don't want the kittens to be afraid of the process, so we pick one up when they're sleepy.  But they wake up fast.  I think we've managed about three trimmed claws for Mayzie, five for Tia, and two for Paddington!

Their eyes are changing colors.  It's still a little too soon to tell.  Possibly by next week we'll know if Tia's and Paddington's eyes will be golden and Mayzie's gray or green.

The trio is definitely more active for longer periods of time.  We had some two hour play times between feedings.  They eat more canned food now at the first two feedings--a mixture of Wellness and Fancy Feast kitten food--without softening it with chicken broth.  They suckle less with Halo but do gather to sleep with her sometimes. I feel they really had a lot of socialization time this week with us as we handled them often, petting, brushing, teasing with toys.  They still don't come when we call but they sit at our feet and look up at us.

This week, they will have their first veterinarian visit and next week's blog will probably be all about that.  We have to decide whether or not to take Halo along.  She gets car sick everytime.  Would it be less stressful for her to stay here without them?  We're testing that theory.  We took the kittens to another part of the house for about a half hour twice now.  When they are first gone, Halo calls them constantly and searches every corner of the room.  Eventually she settles down to wait.  More about this in the next blog.

Halo still keeps track of the trio constantly but she lets me kitty sit.  If she knows one or two are with me and fall asleep, she settles nearby with whoever isn't under my protection.  She's a terrific mom.

More about Halo and her trio next week.

 My sleuth Caprice is an animal lover and takes in strays!

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Anonymous said...

I just love these kitty updates! They are so adorable. Thanks

Deborah Blake said...

I just love, love, love all the kitty pictures. They couldn't be more adorable. And think of the trip to the vet as a trial run for the eventual separation...