Friday, January 31, 2014

More Decorating Tips to Brighten Your Home for Winter by Karen Rose Smith

If you read part 1 of Decorating Tips for Winter, you'll realize you can brighten up your living space with small touches that make a difference when the sun pops in and out or doesn't shine at all. Decorating Tips In this blog I've spotlighted how I like to use light and glass and color.

Glass can create rainbows on the walls as well add shine to a room.

As you can see from the butterfly suncatcher above, I'm fond of suncatchers.  They catch whatever light is out there and help bring it inside.  This one creates beautiful rainbows on white walls.

Make collectibles work for you.

I collect cats and it seems everyone collects something!  Whatever it is, make it work for you to bring a smile to your face.  Put it at its best vantage point.  This glass cat helps promote brightness just like a suncatcher. 

Mobiles reflect and float!
Mobiles can work the same way as suncatchers!  And you can use them even in a small space.  They can add color, depth and whimsy.

Ribbons again.
In the last blog I talked about ribbon on doorknobs.  There are other strategies to employ its patterns and brightness.  For the different seasons or in different rooms, I wove yellow ribbon around this box to match the colors in our kitchen.
Colorful and bright placemats.

How about bright placemats.  You can see the blue one with bright daisies here. I'm using it as a microwave cover.  But if you find bright placemats for your table in a host of fabrics or vinyl, they can make a difference too. 
Then there is the total makeover with paint.  Last summer, we decided to remake our kitchen into a brighter space.  We used yellow color blocking with yellow and white so the yellow wasn't overwhelming, including painting the table top.  This isn't the final version--I've added a flower arrangement and more to the wall grouping.  But even if the sun isn't out, when I walk through the kitchen I think it is! 
Have fun with color and glass to brighten this winter season.

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