Sunday, January 26, 2014

Four Economical #Decorating Tips For #Winter by Karen Rose Smith

Do you fight the winter blues?  One solution might be to brighten up your surroundings during the deep months of the coldest season.  Even small changes can transform your perspective. 

Here are four tips I use in my own home to transition from Christmas to Spring!

Twinkle lights 
Twinkle lights aren't just for Christmas any more!  Use them through January, February and March to brighten up dark spaces.  I have a few strings that are battery powered and on timers.  They switch on for 4-5 hours every evening.  Or you can use the usual method of plugging them in.  I tuck them into shelves arrange them on larger pieces of furniture like an entertainment center, and thread them down a bannister.

Flameless Candles
Flameless candles are a favorite of mine all year long.  But especially when the light of day fades earlier, they can bring a warm glow to any room.  Again I like to use the candles on timers.  If I'm working in my office and walk into that brighter living room, the feeling is worth the price of batteries!  I have a candle in each downstairs room--candle shaped, tree shaped and angel shaped. I've collected a different one each year.

Color brightens up space day or night.  You don't have to repaint a room to make a change.  Craft stores sell beautiful stems of flowers that just need a vase or mason jar for a home.  Take an arrangement already present and add new color to it.  Yellow, white, pink, orange and red add drama and warmth to a space.

Ribbon on Doorknobs
Have you ever tied ribbon around your doorknobs?  (If you have cats or dogs you might have to forego this one!) Choose a favorite color in fabric ribbon and tie a bow around your doorknobs.  Voila!  Color and brightness.

More economical tips for winter decorating in my next blog.

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