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Why I Maintain Two #Facebook Pages by Karen Rose Smith

I began with a profile page on Facebook years ago.  I always intended it to be a place where readers could find me.  Even now, I don't concern myself with privacy settings on the page because I talk about my interests--cats, gardening, cooking and comments about trending subjects.  This is where readers can see a personal side of my life.  I've developed an interest in photography and on this page I share my photos of my cats, gardens, foods and scenes I find captivating.  (Including the buffet of foods at friends on Thanksgiving Day!)

Karen's FACEBOOK Profile Page

Not long after I developed the personal page, other writers advised me to set up an "author" page because it was the thing to do.  This is the page readers must "like" before they can post on my wall.  On this page, I post mostly professional news about books, how my writing is developing, what I'm working on and what's coming up next.  Now and then I also post cat and garden photos and recipes that have something to do with my books.  I also do giveaways here.  The problem with this page is Facebook's algorithms and amount of readers I reach.  I have over 1000 likes.  However, if I post something and don't "boost" it, it might only reach 50 - 100 readers.  I often ask myself if that's worth my time because I won't pay to boost each post.  Not only that, but I can't even post some ads my cover designer developed for me because they have "too much text."

Karen's FACEBOOK Author Page

Is it worth keeping this page?  I'm still deciding.  I held a launch party for STAGED TO DEATH there in September and that was successful.  So it is a useful landing spot.

I've formed a Street Team group on Facebook where I interact often with readers who help spread the word about my books.  I've also formed a Readers Group where I do giveaways and talk about books.  I hope to have a discussion and question and answer session there in the new year about my Caprice De Luca mystery series. (One note about forming groups. You have to be friends with the person you want to add to the group before you can add them!  A "Like" from your author page doesn't do it.)

Facebook does take a lot of my time.  In the coming year, I'll be part of two new author groups--SUNFLOWER AUTHORS and RMS WRITERS--who are developing group pages.  I have more interaction with readers on Facebook than anywhere else.  After twenty-two years in the publishing business and over 80 published novels, I still believe I reach my audience one reader at a time.  Facebook has been a help in reaching them and getting to know them.,  I feel it's been time well invested.

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