Tuesday, December 3, 2013

#Contest to #win #AUDIOBOOKS from Ten Authors

I'm banding together with nine other authors to promote the campaign--Don't Text And Drive...Listen To An Audiobook!  To get the word out, we have developed a contest for readers to win an audiobook.

Where else do you have the chance to win an audiobook from one of ten bestselling authors! Just look at this list.

Judith Arnold
Evelyn David
Donna Fasano
Libby Fischer Hellmann
Stacy Juba
Patricia McLinn
Kelly McClymer
Kathryn Shay
Karen Rose Smith

To enter, go to The Incredible Indie Authors Audio Page on Facebook.  Like the page, then click on the tab in the upper right with the earphones--under the banner .  You can enter the giveaway there and also learn about ways to earn more chances to win.

To watch our YouTube Video for the Don't Text And Drive...Listen to an Audiobook! campaign, click on the link.

Good luck!!!

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