Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Adaptation is the Greatest #Gift, A #Wolf Can Teach Humans by Karen Rose Smith

Life provides us with lots of obstacles to overcome.  Sometimes I need a reminder about how to handle them. A wolf reminded me that adaptation is the greatest gift of all.

After watching the packs of wolves at Speedwell Forge Wolf Sanctuary, seeing them interact and learning their stories, I did have a favorite. I adopted Thor.  Maybe it was Thor's story I related to.  He has cataracts and can probably only see shadows.  Thor has a mate named Lucky and together they form a pack of two.  They are a close pair.  Although Thor can't see well, he can hold his own in every situation.  He knows every inch of the territory he shares with Lucky...where they roam.

When I was fifty years old, I learned I had the cataracts of a seventy-year-old.  Doctors didn't know what caused them. Because of other complications I didn't have surgery for about four years.  Colors had changed.  My world grew very cloudy and narrow.  However, my other senses became more acute.  I compensated by memorizing my environment as best as I could.  This is Thor's world.

I finally had surgery and near-vision implants. But the technology just isn't there in veterinary medicine to enable cataract surgery.  Not only that, but there is high toll on an animal who is captured, anesthetized, and operated on.

On my private tour at Speedwell Forge, I spent lots of time observing and photographing Thor because I was fascinated with him.  He looks peaceful, serene even, in tune with his surroundings and with Lucky.  Those were just my impressions.

Speedwell Forge's Adopt A Wolf program is explained here at their website. ADOPT A WOLF link  When visitors to the sanctuary adopt a wolf, that helps pay for his or her care. And by the can give an adopted wolf as a Christmas present!

I'll soon have my adoption packet for Thor.  With it will come a photo by wildlife photographer Chuck Rineer that I'm going to frame and hand in my office.  There is a good reason for that.  By seeing Thor's photograph, I will remember to be a learn to make obstacles just part of life's journey.

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