Monday, December 9, 2013

How to Make #Rose Sachets for #Christmas by Karen Rose Smith

If you're a rose gardener, or even if you just enjoy having a rose from the grocery store florist in your house several times a year, there's a way to enjoy roses all year long.  In past years, I collected rose petals from my garden each summer, dried them, and then made sachets in the fall to give away for Christmas.  Roses are a wonderful flower and many varieties keep their scent without any additional enhancement.  Sachets kept in a drawer with clothes keep their scent from six months to a year.

I'm particularly fond of the scent from Chrysler Imperial which also has a beautiful bud and bloom.  This year I knew I'd be short on time as far as drying rose petals.  I decided to save roses a little differently.  The roses were so plentiful this year, I could snip off buds without detracting from the beauty of the blooming blossoms.  I brought them inside, put them on an airy shelf or simply in a dish and waited until they were completely dry.  Then I kept them in a box so they would hold their scent.  Last week I sorted them and created sachets for the little girls (small sachet bags) and women (the larger bags) on my list!  Hopefully they can enjoy some of the joy I get from my roses throughout the year.

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Debra Key Newhouse said...

What a great idea....that will have to wait until next year. I have some Heritage roses that have the smell of what a "real" rose smells like. I love sachets for my own clothing, plus it would make wonderful little hostess gifts and stocking stuffers for my granddaughters. Thanks Karen! I'm going to pin this one also!