Sunday, November 24, 2013

A #Wolf Love Story by Karen Rose Smith, Speedwell Forge Wolf #Sanctuary

When I took a private tour of the Speedwell Forge Wolf Sanctuary with my husband, I could soak in a better sense of day to day life there without all the humans around.  I'm an open spaces and nature kind of girl and have to admit I sometimes prefer animal company to human company.  Chuck Rineer, a volunteer at the wolf sanctuary for about seven years and a wildlife photographer, was our guide.  It was easy to see that he understands these animals. 

One of the packs we visited consisted of two wolves--Destiny and Chipper.  Their story tugged at my heart.
Destiny is a beautiful wolf (in my opinion).  She lived in a retirement community with two wolves who passed on.  She was sad and depressed there so she was brought to Speedwell and introduced to another orphan, a hybrid (part dog, part wolf) named Chipper.  When they became friends, Destiny, who had let herself go--her hair was matted and she had no verve for life--perked up!  Not only did she perk up, but she and Chipper became friends...and then mates.


Chipper, mourning his losses, was lonely too.  But once he and Destiny were together, he became full of life and wolf energy again.

The day we were there, however, Chipper's belly was full and he was napping!  Chuck told us that Chipper likes the human activity around and it was easy to see we didn't bother him in the least!  Our being there didn't interrupt his nap at all.  And...Destiny was close by, relaxing herself.

In the wolf kingdom, this is romance.  Mates for life.

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