Monday, May 19, 2014

Street Team Giveaway Prizes for DEADLY DECOR launch

My STREET TEAM CAPRICE works hard for me, leaving reviews, liking and sharing on Facebook, handing out post cards to friends and family and generally spreading the word about my Caprice De Luca home staging mystery series. To celebrate the launch of DEADLY DECOR on June 3, 2014, I'm having a giveaway just for my street team.  Below are collages of the prizes.  I'll give directions on how to enter in my Facebook group, our Yahoo group and in email.

Thank you for all you do to make my Caprice De Luca home stager mystery series a success!


Leather and silver charm bracelet                                        Caprice style gauzy tote bag
Lavender sachet                                                                  Hammered brass fashion bracelet

Small hummingbird garden flag                    Sparkly heart key chain       Print copy NATHAN'S VOW
Cocker Spaniel tote bag                                                                         Cocker pups mouse pad

Starbucks gift card $10                   Decorative glass cat                                  Lady 3D magnet
Puppy lady and Patches 3D magnet                                                                  Amazon gift card $10

Puppy Lady mouse pad                                                                     Beaded vintage style evening purse
Pop Art spatula                                                                                 Stuffed decorative cat

If you're visiting this page and you'd like to know more about TEAM CAPRICE, click STREET TEAM CAPRICE!!!

FACEBOOK LAUNCH FOR DEADLY DECOR with more giveaways on June 3, from 7-10 p.m at:

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Judy Pflueger said...

My favorite scene is where they realize one of the daggers from the collection is used at the murder weapon.

Laura S Reading said...

I've met the best people through street teams