Monday, May 26, 2014

A #Cat #Cozy #Mystery by Elaine Faber

Cat lovers are special people!  And we seem to find each other.  So when I learned that Elaine had published a cat cozy mystery, I offered to post information about her book on my blog.  I'm especially fond of black cats since we have two!

Read about Elaine Faber and her cozy mystery BLACK CAT'S LEGACY below.


My new novel, BLACK CAT'S LEGACY, is a cozy mystery featuring Thumper, the tuxedo cat with six toes on each foot.  The story is partly written from the POV of Thumper who, with his ancestors' memories, knows where the bodies are buried and must help solve a cold case murder.  About 20% of the story is seen through his eyes.  A romance between the protagonist and a pulp fiction writer intertwines with the mystery as someone at the lodge will stop at nothing to hide the Fern Lake mysteries.

When I started writing BLACK CAT'S LEGACY, I thought the story was about a shy divorcee and her child seeking a new life in Oregon.  Little did I know that before we even got to Oregon, Thumper appeared and, as is often the case, he took over the story.

Writing from a cat's point of view is a balancing act between giving the cat human emotions, thoughts and incentives, yet keeping him a real cat who is motivated by all things cat.

Having "belonged to cats" all my life, I think I have a pretty good idea of what makes them tick and I've been told I do a fair job at giving Thumper a combination of human yet decidedly feline characteristics.

BLACK CAT'S LEGACY is the first of a series of three novels with Thumper and his family.  I am also working on a humorous novel set during World War II.  The protagonist is an eccentric older woman who has a tendency to see conspiracies and Nazi spies everywhere she looks.  Never let a disaster such as war go to waste.  Now, we can look back at the deprivations and rationing of the war years, make jokes and laugh.  I'm sure it wasn't very funny to the folks who lived through it.

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Excerpt from BLACK CAT'S LEGACY:

Thumper hunkered beneath the bushes.  The moon cast a yellow glow across the boat and passengers as it glided through the water.  The engine roared and Jack pulled Amanda onto his lap.  The boat chugged out of sight onto the dark and silent lake.

There was nothing Thumper could do to change the facts.  Sadly, Jack had taken Amanda.  The situation would have to resolve itself.  Fate.


Thumper's head shot up.  There!  Fallen from the nest in a nearby tree.  A mother bird's distress call answered.  By jingo, important cat things were afoot.  He slipped from beneath the bush and padded toward the sound.  A squirming baby bird lay on the ground while the mother squawked and dived over Thumper's head.  She'd lost her baby...just like Kimberlee.

Thumper picked up the baby bird in his mouth and crept back to Kimberlee's cabin.  She's be sleeping inside. He dropped the baby bird on the porch and scratched at the door.  

Wouldn't she be pleased? Perhaps his gift would make her feel better, now that her child was gone and she was alone...

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