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#Cats and #Dogs in Karen Rose Smith's #Cozy #Mystery Series

I am an animal lover. When I decided to write a cozy mystery, I wanted dogs and cats to play a part in my sleuth's life because they play an important part in mine.  My amateur sleuth, Caprice De Luca, takes in strays and finds them loving homes.  In the first book, STAGED TO DEATH, which was released in December 2013, readers get to know Sophia who was named after Caprice's nana's favorite actress, Sophia Loren.  Caprice found this beautiful calico soon after she bought her house and considered her a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift!  Sophia's turquoise carpeted cat tree and her tablespoons of dairy cream (not all cats can digest dairy but Sophia can) keep her quite happy and content--along with Caprice's love and affection, of course.

In book 1, Caprice has also taken in a stray dog--part Pomeranian and part Shitzu--whom she named Dylan after the folk singer.  Caprice, at 32, is a retro gal.

In this first mystery, two yellow tabby kittens also come into Caprice's care.  She names them Creamsicle and Stripes.

In DEADLY DECOR, book 2 of the series, Caprice and Sophia are again best buddies...until Caprice finds a stray Cocker Spaniel in her mom's heirloom tomato plants!  (Her sister Bella calls her a stray animal magnet.)  To top off this discovery, Caprice learns this canine is pregnant.  She names her new friend Shasta because she is the color of the Shasta daisies in Caprice's backyard.

To give you a glimpse into book 3, GILT BY ASSOCIATION, Caprice finds a gray tabby kitten in her backyard one cold winter night.  This book has a Valentine's Day theme so guess what she names the kitten. If you've guessed Valentine, you've guessed correctly!

And, by the way, what do you think happened to Shasta's pups in book 2?

Read DEADLY DECOR to find out.

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