Sunday, February 16, 2014

Your Most Unusual #Home #Decorating Item by Karen Rose Smith

When you decorate your house, probably your most unusual decorating piece tells the most about you and your style! It can express what you want to be...what you wish your whole house was about...a memory you'd like to bring into your home from the past...just something crazy that when you look at it, you smile!

Since I write western novels and enjoy doing it...because Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Chimayo, Sedona and the Grand Canyon are some of the most powerful places on the planet for me and fill me with creative energy, we chose to decorate our living room and my office with Southwest decor.  Fifteen years ago, finding anything that spoke of the Southwest in Pennsylvania was difficult.  Our son lived in Tennessee and there was a trading post there that supplied us with decorations, hangings and pottery until finally years later, I traveled to the Southwest myself.  I felt I was my true self there with the colors, the history, the legends and the spirit.

This drum light (made from real drums) was the most unusual item we found.  And we found two of them online.  The shade is rawhide.  It has lasted for years.  When I see the rawhide, I think of cowboys. When I see the drums, I think of ancient cultures. The lights at either end of our sofa remind me of places where I loved to be and hope to be again.

What's the most unusual decorating item in your house?  What does it remind you of?  What do you think about when you see it?

I'd love to hear your stories.

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Sonja Alcon said...

I have a hodge podge of decorations... very eclectic... but I will choose to tell you that I have a MIRROR, framed in gold painted wood, pretty fancy style (unlike most of my accessories), which was originally in Hillview House (the Skilled Nursing Facility owned and Operated by Hanover General Hospital). It is sentimental for me because I was one of the tour guides when it was opened, and I was still working there when it was closed and ultimately razed. Altogether I worked at Hanover Hospital for 30 years.

KRS said...

That mirror sounds beautiful. That's one of those memory pieces. Thanks for sharing.

Colleen Collins said...

I love that drum light! I'm not a decorator by a long shot, but I'm planning to re-create my living room (a long overdue project). I've been inspired by two antique gifts from my sister: a crystal decanter and a glass apothecary jar. She suggested I fill them with colored water and set them on a table near a window -- the idea intrigues me.

KRS said...

I love glassware. My mom had a huge brandy snifter engraved with her wedding date on the dining room table. She always had if filled with food colored water and real philodendron. Your decorating ideas brought back that memory! Thank you. I think the decanter and jar filled with colored water would be so pretty.