Monday, February 24, 2014

What do you expect from your #cozy #mystery?

What do you expect from a cozy mystery?
A recent discussion on social media urged me to think about this as well as talk to my readers.  As long as I've read cozies, I've known what to expect--a puzzle to solve without graphic violence and little romance.  But like everything else in publishing, cozies are changing.  There doesn't seem to be a line drawn now between the natural form of a cozy and additional aspects taken from other genres like thrillers and romance.

When I wrote my first cozy, I decided to pen a story that I'd like to read, that kept in the tradition of the cozy genre.  But with ebooks, we're capturing a broader age range of readers as well as life experience level. My first cozy series stars a sleuth who loves her family, takes in stray animals, cooks and is totally involved in her career of home staging, making it unique in her style that works in a sagging real estate market.  Since my twenty years of writing romance play into what I write, I've included a touch of romance--sweet but emotion-filled romance.

I'd love to hear from readers about what THEY expect in a cozy.  Why do you pick up particular cozies?  What will urge you to try a new author?

In the meantime, I'll continue writing Caprice De Luca's series...and maybe sifting through ideas for the next one.

Read Karen's new mystery. Her sleuth, Caprice De Luca, stages houses, decorates, loves to cook and is an animal lover too!

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Unknown said...

Karen's book is more intriguing books to read with added romance and mystery. I expect to see a lot of solving crimes and with a little romance added with a little flair vintage style theme.