Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Five Advantages to Becoming an Audible Member

When I learned I could develop my indie-published titles into audiobooks, I jumped on the chance to do it.  I had spent a year revising and updating backlist books that I had the rights to and was now ready for this new leap with ACX, Audible and Amazon's help.  Through ACX, I have developed fifteen books--some old, some new--and with narrators have produced them as audio books to sell on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.  However, long before this year, audio books were a godsend to me.

At age fifty, I found myself with severe cataracts that impaired my vision.  But I was concerned about having them removed because I had another condition that was also affecting my eyes--fibromyalgia.  At that point, I had written and published about thirty books.  I had no intention of stopping writing.  I began to use a tape recorder to write, but I couldn't read more than my own work for editing.  Even through that process, my husband often read me copyedits to save my eyes further strain.  But writers must read to say fresh and current.  They must also be able to do research.  So I began looking around for audio books that could help fill that creative spirit to hear good stories as well as find new avenues of research.    

What I soon found were libraries who couldn't keep up to date with current authors and a market that was so expensive the only time I bought an audiobook by a favorite author was before a trip.  Something had to give.  It did.  The audio book market began changing as it switched from actual physical disks to digital downloads.  It took me a while to sign on, but since I did, I've been nothing but satisfied.

Here are the advantages to using Audible for your book listening enjoyment:

Buy the Kindle version and get the Whispersync narration at a reduced price.  Be able to switch back and forth between them from listening to reading and reading to listening.

With a Kindle Fire HD, you can consider enjoying the experience of immersion reading.  The book is highlighted as the narrator tells the story.  You can listen with your Audible app for iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch and Kindle Keyboard.  I use Audible on my iPad, Android phone and Kindle Keyboard!

Becoming a member of Audible can grant you benefits.  Exchange any book you don't like, no questions asked.  If you are a member, every month you receive credits that save you money on audio books.  Save 30% off regular price when you buy books without credits.  You also have access to exclusive sales as well as the gift membership center.

On Audible, there are over 150,000 audiobooks to choose from.  You can try Audible with a free audio book for 30 days.  After that, you will be charged $14.95 a month and you will receive one credit.  You can cancel at any time.  I often listen to more than one audio book a month and I'm picky about what I listen to.  Often Audible will run specials like three credits for $33.95.  So I have extra credits to save up and use.  They also run sales so if I don't want to use my credits, I can just purchase the book outright.

I've found the process easy.  Downloading is simple, too.  Once you buy the book, it's sent to your Audible app library.  You simply refresh your library, then download the book.  You're ready to listen.

Using Audible has brought me hours of reading pleasure I couldn't access another way.  I highly recommend becoming a member of Audible if you are an audio book listener or want to become one.

©2013 Karen Rose Smith 

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Since I have been writing blogs about choosing a narrator and the audio book development process, Audible reached out to me to ask if I'd be interested in writing a blog about the benefits of using Audible.  I said I would be glad to write the blog and I received two promotional credits. I sell audiobooks through Amazon, Itunes, and Audible.

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