Monday, October 14, 2013

#Christmas Eve #Happily-Ever-After

The holidays are rich with emotion.  What better time period to set a romance?  The important element for me is the time leading up to the holidays.  The rhythm of the relationship changes as it grows and two people fall more deeply in love.   If a significant other spends a holiday with me, he's more apt to find out more about my childhood experiences, desires and dreams.  My past makes me who I am.  That is so true, too, for my characters.  TOYS AND BABY WISHES ends on Christmas Eve.  (JAKE'S BRIDE from my SEARCH FOR LOVE series also ends on Christmas Eve.) There are always pitfalls that lead to the black moment.  Plotting it near Christmas adds a particular oomph to happily-ever-after.  It's a time for magic and miracles and I hope I've captured the spirit of the holiday in both of these books.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  Every year we take a trip to a toy store to buy gifts for the children in our life.  That store has always been a special world.  When our son was small we purchased Star Wars toys and Tonka trucks.  Today we peruse the Barbie Doll shelves along with the craft section.  My hero owns a toy store and my heroine needs fun in her life.  Are they too set in their ways to change?  Or can they fall deep lasting love and compromise?  I hope you'll enjoy their journey that culminates on Christmas Eve.

To celebrate the up-coming holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, TOYS AND BABY WISHES is on sale from October 15-19 at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $.99!  It is also available in Audiobook where readers can listen to Josh and Lexa as they fall in love and make surprising choices for their future.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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Jennifer Shirk said...

Yes, the holidays are a great time to set a romance.
Congrats, Karen!

KRS said...

Jennifer--thank you! It's putting me in the mood for the holidays.