Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cats Do The Unexpected, Watching Over #Feral and Homeless #Cats, Part 4

Just when you think you have cats figured out...

Romeo is a feral cat who won't come close.  He watches from afar.  There's a pine tree at the edge of our property that makes a perfect cover when he doesn't want to be seen.  One of the feral cats, Lance, is around all the time now.  He's not wandering off after he eats and he considers our back yard to be his.  But Romeo is interested in the food in the feeders.  At least that's what we thought he was interested in.

I have a little deck off my office that we never use.  Steps lead down to the backyard through French doors that we keep locked.  Once in a while I open the doors to let fresh air in and our three inside kitties like looking through the screen.  This day, it was closed.

Zoie, our year old black rescue kitty, saw him first.  Romeo was sunning himself on the deck!  I think he was oblivious to us behind the glass, but who knows.  Zoie meowed and he could have heard that.  I was talking to my husband and he could have heard that.  But we watched as he rolled and sunned and had a general good time.

After a little while, I went out another door to the back yard where the feeders are located.  Romeo was on one of the steps, watching me.  We looked each other in the eyes.  He didn't run this time.  But I told him I'd put food down and leave.  I spoke to him in a low calm voice and he kept watching.  I left food in the feeder and went inside.  A few minutes later through the window, I saw him eating.

You just never know what will happen next!

Another story about our ferals next week.

©2013 Karen Rose Smith


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