Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Gift of a #Butterfly

Butterflies and Remembrance: 
It's July...which always brings a mixture of emotions for me.  My mom passed on eighteen years ago this month and the missing still grabs me this time of the summer.  My husband and I planted a garden in her memory with some of her favorite plants and flowers.  This week I spent time there--remembering, wishing, thanking.  Often I ask for little signs that reassure me she's watching over us.

In the summer, our gardens are usually filled with butterflies, mostly orange and black swallowtails.  But this year, even the butterfly garden with its butterfly bush, zinnias and cone flowers didn't seem to draw them in.  However, as I stood quietly in my mom's garden, just being present to the beauty and peace there, this delicate blue butterfly landed on the mulch right in front of me!  Not even on a flower but simply right there where I couldn't miss it. (By the way, my favorite color has always been blue.)

A sign from mom?

I like to think so.  Little gifts often mean the most. <3

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kmt1976 said...

Maybe we have other messages, but we are so busy that we don't notice them???

KRS said...

I think that's true. Often, we don't see until we ask. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Sandra Cox said...

Your mom must have been very special.

KRS said...

She was. Thank you for stopping by.

F. Stone said...

Awesome post, Karen. When my mother died, I took her ashes to the top of a mountain (per her request just two months prior to her death). A small butterfly followed me back down the mountain. Though I msis her so very much, I can't help but feel she is hovering around me, especially when I'm in my garden. Feather Stone

KRS said...

Something about my gardens makes me feel closer to her. Maybe because I remember the flowers around my childhood home. And those special butterflies are precious! Thanks for telling me about your experience.