Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Sneak Peek from HER SISTER, Clare and Shara clash

I'm taking part in another Sneak Peek.  This week peek in on Clare and her daughter Shara  from HER SISTER, Book 7 in my Search For Love series as an emotional explosion rocks their house! (Brad is 18 and Shara is 16.  Both have skipped classes when Clare comes home early to booming music and...)

Clare knew that for the rest of her life, as she pushed Shara's door open, the scene in front of her would be indelibly printed on her brain.  Shara and Brad were naked.  Her daughter's brown hair lay tousled across her pillow, while she looked up at a boy that Clare believed she didn't really know, her hands gripping his shoulders.

Rage propelled Clare forward first.  She wanted to throw the kid off her daughter, knee him where it would hurt most, and shake him until he understood that Shara was too young to know what she was doing.

Reason told Clare that confrontation in anger never turned out well.  But how could she be reasonable when her daughter was having sex in front of her eyes?

Shaking, holding onto her temper with both hands, biting back words before they could spill out, she finally shouted, "Get off of her.  Now!"  Her voice seemed to get lost in the thumping song lyrics in the background so she yelled louder.  "Get off of her before I call the police."

The two kids on the bed froze.  Their heads swung toward her. Then in fast forward Brad scrambled to the side of the bed.

Shara squeaked, "Mom!  What are you doing home?" and pulled up the covers while Clare went to the IPod dock and switched it off.


©2013 Karen Rose Smith

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Delynn Royer said...

Gah!!! Geez, I'm feeling this for Clare. Makes me sooooo glad I'm done with raising teenagers. Great peek!

Nancy Jardine Author said...

Oh, Dear. The moment every mother dreads-and fathers would be a lot more violent I think!

KRS said...

Delynn--I can hardly imagine it. I had to temper Clare.

KRS said...

Nancy--no father in this picture but that would be challenging to write too!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Yikes! Every parent's nightmare! You had me balling my hands into fists. :)

KRS said...

Natalie--I like that kind of reader reaction! :)