Sunday, February 10, 2013

AUDIOBOOK LISTENERS, What type of audiobook listener are you?

What type of audiobook listener are you?

Many types of listeners enjoy audiobooks.  There are the car drivers who want to help their commute pass by more quickly.  They put an audiobook in and let it play while they drive.  Their car becomes a haven with something enjoyable to listen to and help pass the time.  Another type of audiobook customer likes to listen while he or she works, either clearning house or doing something methodical that doesn't recquire concentration.  One of my listeners is a biologist who reads slides at a home microscope.  She listens while she works.  I fall into the next category at times--the cook who likes to have a background story playing while she's in the kitchen.  I enjoy cooking and I enjoy reading.  Combining the two works well for me.

With the advent of smart phones, I have friends who like to hop in and out of one book or two depending on where they have waiting time.  These are casual listeners usually who just want to pass time in an entertaining way while life goes on around them.  I've found my most serious listeners are readers who have eye problems.  I fall into this category also.  Fibromyalgia affecfts my eye muscles.  I've always been greateful for audiobooks because they allow me to rest my eyes while also letting me become involved in captivating adventures, romances and mysteries.  I can totally immerse myselef in a book in this almost play performance art way.  A devoted reader might also listen in this all-encompassing manner in absolute silence with quality earphones.

Each listener listens differently and on different qquipment from an IPAD to an IPOD dock, to an mp3 device to earbuds, to earphones to the desktop computer's speakers.

If you have a chance, I'd like you to leave a comment and tell me which kind of listener you are and how you usually listen to audiobooks.  Knowing my listeners will help me make choices that will enhance your reading and listening experience.  More about this next audio blog.

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Kathryn R. Blake said...

I'm a "listen until you fall asleep" type of audio book listener. Can't tell you how many times the book has played until the battery died on my IPAQ, or I've awakened in the middle of the night to hear it still playing. Sometimes it keeps me away, but most times it's like someone is reading me to sleep. I still get to hear the whole book, since if I do fall asleep while it's playing, the next night I simply back up the player chapter by chapter until I recall hearing a bit, and then let it play out again.

KRS said...

Audiobooks are great for insomnia! For all the reasons you mentioned. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I listen when I workout or when I walk the dogs.

KRS said...

Walking the dogs is a good one. I'll have to suggest that to a friend who's a pet sitter!

Lisa said...

In the car on my commute! Makes it go so quickly. I get audiobooks from the library and just play them in the car CD player. I just posted about audiobooks on my blog today too! It's

KRS said...

Lisa--I started listening to audiobooks on long drives to visit our son ten hours away when he was in college. Now they're an integral part of my life. I'll take a look at your blog. I'm hoping to do a series about them. Thanks for stopping by.