Tuesday, February 26, 2013

RESCUING A KITTEN, Zoie Is Growing Up!

Since we rescued Zoie Joy on June 19, 2012, she has been eating and growing, becoming long and sleek and muscled and beautiful.  But, of course, I'm prejudiced.  Her golden eyes are the most intense and definitely part of her personality.  At the beginning of March, Zoie will be about ten months old.  She is still growing into herself. Like a teenager not quite at home in her body, she wants to run and play like a kitten but doesn't fit into some of those small spaces where she used to hide!  She runs up and down her cat tree with more force than she realizes and when she jumps down onto the recliner, she's surprised when the back thumps down and the chair makes a loud noise. (But she loves the jump.)

Zoie and London are playing like equals now.  They chase each other, stand on their back paws and bat at each other, yet take naps about three feet apart if I'm close by, too.  If we put them in the same room--like when repair men come--they each find their corner and get along.  Ebbie and Zoie are in the same vicinity most of the day.  Ebbie has her little "apartment" under a window with steps and a pillow stacked on a box to give her extra space.  To the top of the pillow, I added a thermal heat pad for Ebbie's arthritic joints.  On the other side of the steps is a stool where she can sit to catch a different view.  As long as Ebbie is in this area, Zoie doesn't bother her except to jump up there now and then to rub against Ebbie or to nip her ear to say hello.  However, if Ebbie climbs down from her apartment, Zoie will chase her back up.  (Since Zoie sleeps in my office at night, Ebbie has the run of the house then.)

Zoie's food choices are changing.  Although kitten food should be the nourishment the first year, Zoie is beginning to walk away from the kitty cans with squishy food.  She's preferring chunks, more adult cuts.  So I tempt her with the chunks to hide the squishy food underneath.  She prefers dry food, which we limit.  She will gobble up Ebbie's raw food as well as chicken and gravy from our supper.  She's partial to the odds and ends of roasted chicken wings.

Zoie is thriving.  We clip her nails once a month and she's tolerating that without much fuss when she's sleepy.  She still likes to hide under a cover for a nightly nap while we watch TV, sleep on my furry throws or high up on the cat tree.  She's beginning to sit on my desk and watch while I'm on the computer.  The birds outside the window provide her with entertainment value, though at times she still likes to jump on the chest and watch TV.

But most of all, she likes to be wherever we are.  She stretches up for a head rub often.  She cuddles close when sleeping.  Zoie Joy is still bringing us layers and layers of joy that I'm thankful for every day.

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Angela Adams said...

I'm glad Ebbie has finally gotten used to having a little sister around the house.