Wednesday, January 30, 2013

RESCUING A KITTY, Part 14, Cats and Medications


I'm not an expert on feline medications.  Not by a long shot.  When Ebbie had stomach upset, the veterinarian told us to give her a quarter of a Pepcid ®.  I crushed it and she took it in Reddi Wip®. After she was stung by a wasp, the vet told us to buy children's Benadryl ®. But I decided to go the organic route and use wet mud which worked well. Usually our cats have resisted taking any type of medication.  If it's not their food, they don't want it.  But then Zoie Joy came along.  One night I dropped a Gas X ® on the floor and she gobbled it up.  That's Zoie.  So I called the vet who said to watch her the following day, but she should be fine.  We did and she was.  My experience in a nutshell.  But I've had inquiries as to what meds the vet used when Zoie was spayed since she did so well.  This is the list.

Ketamine for induction of anesthesia in combination with other drugs
Dexdomitor sedative/analgesic
Buprenorphine short time analgesic
Anesthesia (Inhalant)
Onsior® 6mg tab three day pack  Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for relief of pain and inflammation


Recently when I was in my vet's office, I picked up a list of top human meds TOXIC TO PETS.  I thought someone else might like to have this info so here they are.

Pain relievers (Advil ®, Aleve ®, Motrin ®, Tylenol ®)

Antidepressants (Zoloft ®, Cymbalta ®, Effexor ®)
ADD/ADHD medications (Ritalin ®, Vyvanse ®)
Sleep aids (Klonopin ®, Ambien ®, Lunesta ®)
Muscle relaxants (Lioresal ®, Flexeril ®)
Heart medications (Cartia ®, Cardizem ®)

How often do we drop a pill and think nothing of it?  Our cat won't eat that, right?  You never know.  So to be safe, keep your meds high and dry as you would with kids and use them where pets don't linger or look for a play toy. 

Zoie's spaying experience (The Spaying Experience blog) was a successful one.  I hope you all have animals who are taken care of with love and respect and come back even more social and affectionate than before.

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Angela Adams said...

I have found that pets are like young toddlers. Everything goes into their mouths for a taste. Hope Zoie is feeling better. And, thanks for the list.