Wednesday, January 9, 2013

RESCUING A KITTEN, Part 12 Zoie and Ebbie come to terms

What have Zoie and Ebbie been doing while the holidays came and went?

Let's go back to my bond with Ebbie.  We're as much sisters as a human and pet could be.  Only pet lovers can understand.  I've written about how kitty Zoie Joy and London began finding their way by running up and down the stairs and zipping around the house together.  I've seen London chase Zoie and vice versa.  London always lets Zoie know who's boss with a serious hiss or a swat.  Zoie is still eating kitten food but she'd rather have Ebbie's special mixture that she eats for health reasons or London's Fancy Feast.  She will actually sit and wait until London is finished.  With Ebbie... I protect Ebbie's plate by standing nearby.

From the beginning of Zoie's interaction with Ebbie, Zoie wanted to chase her.  I don't know if she thinks she's her mother because they look alike, but Ebbie is having none of it.  At the very beginning, Zoie would jump on Ebbie and with Ebbie's arthritic bone problems, we had to intervene.

I have an alternative therapy practitioner for my own arthritic bone and fibromyalgia muscle conditions.  In the past she knew I'd used Bach flower remedies with my felines, which are flower essences.  Now she suggested I use one called "Vine" for a dominant personality--Zoie.  She also suggested I select some from Green Hope Farm, especially one called "Anxiety" for Ebbie and "Jealousy" for Zoie.  There are several ways you can use these.  I put a drop between my palms, rub them together, then take them lightly over my cats' fur.  They can also be rubbed on ears and paws.  How do they work?  It has to do with energy and essences and personalities.  All I know is that the situation between Zoie and Ebbie began changing little by little, mostly with Zoie..  But Ebbie became more tolerant, too. Zoie maturing? Ebbie giving off different signals? Who can tell for sure but...  Zoie still chased Ebbie but she didn't jump on her.

And then...Zoie went into heat for the first time.

For nine days, Zoie seemed to be miserable.  She wanted to be rubbed and that seemed to help.  But most of all, she wanted to snuggle with Ebbie.  Ebbie seemed to realize Zoie needed her and let her sit near her.  This was the first they napped in the same space.

After Zoie went out of heat, Zoie and Ebbie seemed to have a different relationship than before.  Ebbie still looks on her as a pesky little sister.  But now they nap nearby each other, (though not together like this).  Zoie still chases Ebbie when she takes a tour of the house.  But she doesn't jump on her.  Relationships take time to build for humans and it seems to be the same with cats.  We're progressing.  That's what counts.

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Angela Adams said...

Reading about these kitties is just like reading about a friend's toddlers (and, they're just as adorable!)

KRS said...

Just like with toddlers, I take a lot of pictures. Next Zoie blog will be about Zoie's spaying surgery and recovery. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog.

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

Awww super cute!