Sunday, September 9, 2012

IN TOUCH with KAREN ROSE SMITH newsletter posted

Yep, I'm late getting my September newsletter/ezine posted. But I was waiting for a few things to happen first. My webmistress and I redesigned the front page to my website, as well as reorganizing some of the other pages. I now also have a printable book list. So I wanted to make sure all that was finished and in place before I sent out September's ezine. I also added a newsletter sign-up on the front page to make it easy for readers to subscribe. I'd like to have comments from you so I know if I have made finding my books and series easier. I also added my new cover for ABIGAIL AND MISTLETOE, my October Samhain retro release.

My September newsletter/ezine has a new contest, pictures of my kitties and gardens, plus info on my latest projects. If you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter, the newsletter can catch you up with what's happening in one place.  If you do follow me on social media, you'll be able to enter contests and see more pictures about my cats, gardens and cooking projects.

I have a lot of fun putting the newsletter together each month. I hope you enjoy it!

IN TOUCH with KAREN ROSE SMITH, September Newsletter

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