Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sneak Peek of DEADLY DECOR by Karen Rose Smith

My sneak peek this week is from DEADLY DECOR, the second book in my Caprice De Luca mystery series.  My sleuth Caprice has a sister who she is worried about.  There are troubles in Bella's marriage.  She is pregnant with her third child and her husband Joe is being secretive.  An old flame who paints houses for Caprice when she stages them asked Bella to meet him for coffee. She did...once.  Tonight, they were supposed to meet again.  Instead Bella found Bob's body!


When Detective Jones escorted Vince and Bella into the reception area, they all looked as if Armageddon was only minutes away. Bella was wearing a Tyvek jumpsuit and some kind of paper booties. They'd obviously confiscated her clothes as evidence. No one spoke. Jones gave Caprice a penetrating look, then turned on his heel and went back through the doorway that opened onto a hall, bordered by offices that the jail.

Although the station wasn't cold, Bella wrapped her arms around herself. "Can we go home?"

Caprice went to Bella and gave her a huge hug. "We'll talk about this when we get back to your place. Did you call Joe?"

Bella shook her head and tears welled up in her eyes. "They took my phone."

"You consented to give it to them before I arrived," Vince reminded her.

Bella lowered her voice to almost a whisper. "There were two calls from Bob when we set up times to meet. I forgot about those when I gave them the phone. But it doesn't matter because I told Detective Jones I was there to see Bob about developing an online business."

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