Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sneak Peek: GILT BY ASSOCIATION by Karen Rose Smith

I'm taking part in a Sneak Peek blog hop by my writer's group. GILT BY ASSOCIATION, a Caprice De Luca Home-Staging mystery, will be released on February 1.  Caprice is an amateur sleuth who likes vintage fashion, retro design and cooking.  Her large Italian family constantly gives her advice, but she follows her heart when rescuing stray animals and finding her Mr. Right.  


Caprice quickly searched through the first floor, then called up the wide stairway, "Louise?"

She received no answer.

Louise had said she was going to putter in her greenhouse this morning. Caprice gardened and her mom gardened even more. She knew how easy it was to become distracted by watering, examining, sorting. Maybe Louise was still in the greenhouse and was unmindful of the time.

"I'll check the greenhouse," she told Nikki as she passed her in the kitchen, her head deep in the refrigerator.

Caprice hurried to the greenhouse and saw the door was almost closed, but not completely. She pushed it open, calling, "Louise?"  There was no answer.

When she stepped inside, she spotted Louise crumpled on the floor. She let out a loud "No," ran toward the older woman, and stopped at her prone form, aghast at what she saw.  She was dead


©2015 Karen Rose Smith 

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