Monday, January 12, 2015

Our Kitten, Miss Paddington--a Teenager at Six Months! by Karen Rose Smith

Miss Paddington, Halo's kitten, is six months old today! She has been such an easy kitten to raise. Before her sister and brother left for their forever homes, she played with them constantly and cuddled with them and Halo to nap and bone. When we introduced her to our two-year-old cat Zoie, she was respectful and they got along immediately. She and Zoie often play now. They especially like to take turns with a laser light. Morning and evening, Paddy and Halo run, jump on the brown wrapping paper and bat around catnip toys and ping pong balls.

However... In the past week, we've seen Paddington's rebellious teenage side appearing! She's longer and can jump farther. She likes when I toss a ping pong ball in the air and she can jump and bat it. But now when she gets bored, if Halo, London and Zoie are sleeping and she wants to play, she's getting into trouble. She's jumped to the top of the refrigerator, managed to climb to the top of a cabinet to knock down the container of dry food, chased London's tail just to bother her, and practically climbed to the ceiling--on top of my dresser mirror--to paw at a fly. (Sometimes she appears to be part monkey.) Our baby kitten is a teenager now, ready to assert her independence and grow into a distinct personality. She doesn't meow often--only a bit when she's hungry or lonely and simply to alert us.

She so darn cute, she can get away with anything! Paddington makes us laugh, warms our hearts and is an integral part of our family. We can't wait to see the next stage.


Cassidy has a secret. If she reveals to Ben that she can't read, can this CEO/cowboy still love her?


USA TODAY Bestselling Author Karen Rose Smith is an only child who delved into books at an early age. She learned about kindred spirits from Anne of Green Gables, solved mysteries with Nancy Drew and wished she could have been the rider on The Black Stallion. Yet even though she escaped often into story worlds, she had many aunts, uncles and cousins around her on weekends. Her sense of family and relationships began there. Maybe that's why families are a strong theme in her novels, whether mysteries or romances. Her 87th novel will be released in 2015.

Readers often ask her about her pastimes. She has herb, flowers and vegetable gardens that help her relax. In the winter, she cooks rather than gardens. And year round she spends most of her time with her husband, as well as her four rescued cats who are her constant companions. They chase rainbows from sun catchers, reminding her life isn't all about work, awards and bestseller lists. Everyone needs that rainbow to chase.

Karen looks forward to interacting with readers. They can find her at the links below.  

©2015 Karen Rose Smith

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Sandy Swanger Bartles said...

Thank you so much for your blogs about Miss Paddington, Halo and the others. I get such a kick reading about their antics! I can't believe it has been six months already!