Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Halo's #Kitty Paddington at 4 months, Adopted with Mom at Our Home by Karen Rose Smith

Miss Paddington is four months old today. It's hard to believe that just 16 weeks ago she was born first when Halo delivered her kittens. Paddy has needed extra nurturing along the way and I bonded with her from the first day when she couldn't find her mom's nipple.

Halo's other two kittens, Tia and Mason, were picked first for adoption. But it wasn't long before my husband and I decided we would be keeping Paddy with Halo. She's unique from her beautiful face to her almost-kind demeanor. She met our two-year-old cat Zoie with friendship and paved the way for Halo and Zoie to get along. Paddy and our older cat London are still finding their way, but London doesn't see her as a threat and might get used to Paddy's quick darting here and there.

Paddy misses her siblings, so we try to play with her more and give her extra attention. She loves to play in brown packing paper, making it crinkle and hiding under its folds.  She still spends a lot of time with her mom, but I'm hoping as she gets older, she'll spend more time snuggling with us.

She loves peeking in the dishwasher, playing soccer with a fuzzy ball and running up and down the cat tree with Zoie. She is a joy to have around and I look forward to the years to come watching her grow.

©2014 Karen Rose Smith


Deborah Blake said...

She's so beautiful--I can tell she's going to bring you joy for years to come. (And the rest of us, vicariously.)

KRS said...

She's so playful with the other cats! Just a little dear.