Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halo's #kittens are teenagers at 14 weeks but still so cute! by Karen Rose Smith

Halo, Paddington and Mason have taken over our first floor.  We still have barriers in the foyer to kee them from running upstairs.  But they are with our two year old Zoie Joy all day now.  She's not always thrilled about that.  Mason can be a little scamp.  Zoie and Paddington get along well.  Halo and Zoie are still finding their way.  But one night all four of them napped on the bed with me while I watched TV.

Each day they expand their world more by climbing higher, finding something new to play with and exploring something they haven't before.  They are lightning fast and can streak into a closet before I can shut it.  If we need them to gather in one spot--like at night when we coax them into my office for overnight--all we have to do is shake the container with their crunchies.  We make sure they eat canned food before they receive their crunchy dessert or snack.  Paddington likes to play with a few pieces of dry food before she actually begins to eat them.

I still cook chicken everyday for Halo while we search for a cat food she can digest.  I've tried adding a few carrots or peas, but she's not enthusiastic about the vegetables.  She still receives some kitten food each day as well as a bit of dry food for sensitive digestive system.

Mason and Paddington still play with each other.  They sleep together too but now they might do that next to me.  Halo is sleeping much better and doesn't seem to be on guard as much.  She knows we're taking care of Mason and Paddington too.  The two days after Tia left for her adoptive home were difficult, but that was when we opened the rest of th house to Halo and the kittens to distract us all.  We've settled into a happy rhythm that is working.

Tia is settling into her new home.  She's bonding well with her new mom and dad.  She has met her two older feline brothers and is testing the waters and getting to know them.  I wish her a strong friendship with them and lots of love.

We're going to enjoy this last week with Mason.  He's often the fist to sit with me.  I love him dearly.  There is no way to socialize these precious babies without loving them and getting attached.

This has been an experience I'll never forget.  If you want to make memories and you love cats, adopt a kitten...or two!

©2014 Karen Rose Smith


Between the Pages with Katrina said...

Karen it seems like yesterday you were introducing us to these precious babies. I have enjoyed watching them grow. Bet you never thought you'd have teenagers living with you again.lol Be thankful they aren't into electronics.

KRS said...

It's been amazing watching them grow. Mason does like to chew on cords!

Chatting About Cozies said...

I see you mention cords---our Kali is the first cord chewer we've had. We lost several iPad and iPhone cords before we learned to outsmart her by covering with towels or shutting doors. As far as Halo's kittens, it does seem like it was just yesterday that they were born! I can hardly believe how fast they grew! Paddy's always been my favorite--because we had one that looked like her. They're all precious little mischievous fur babies! Thank you, Karen, for sharing y'all's journey with us.