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Meet Jan Scarbrough--Her heroine is a pet psychic! by Karen Rose Smith

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As most of you who read my blogs and Facebook and Twitter posts know, I'm a cat lover.  We have three inside cats and have just taken in a pregnant stray.  When I learned Jan Scarbrough's heroine in HEART TO HEART was a pet psychic, a true animal communicator, I wanted to share her novel with you.

From Jan--

My animals seem to find their way into all of my books.  Over the years, I believe each one, past and present, has had a role--from my cat Bugsy who was "killed" by the bad guy in TANGLED MEMORIES to my cat Folly in KENTUCKY RAIN.  In my latest novella, I've branched out and included names--if not correct descriptions--of the family pets of my Ladies of Legend co-authors (Attila, Clio and Calliope).

Folly helping me edit
HEART TO HEART is the second book in the new Return to Legend series, a part of the larger Ladies of Legend series of books set in the fictitious small town of Legend, Tennessee.  After our bundled box set, LOVE IN A SMALL TOWN, did so well, Maddie James, Magdalena Scott, Janet Evans and I decided to revisit the series with new stories.

Ms. Addie Bynum, recently deceased, and her generous bequeaths are the tie-in for all four books.  Like in the old television show The Millionaire, readers are treated to the stories of what happens when four heroines receive an unexpected inheritance.

My heroine in HEART TO HEART is a pet psychic, a real animal communicator, who has spent her life being criticized for her gifts.  Everyone except Ms. Addie laughs at Marty, even out charming hero, who is a big first.

In researching this book, I attended a workshop given by a local animal communicator.  I was terrible at it myself, but I was truly amazed by the success of other students.  There is something special about people who can connect "heart to heart" with another living creature.

So if you want to see what happens to Attila, Clio, Calliope, Tinkerbelle, Jinx and Gloria, you'll need to check out HEART TO HEART just released as an ebook from Turquoise Morning Press.  

hearttoheart 200-300

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