Sunday, June 22, 2014

Family Cover Reveal - A MATCH MADE BY BABY by Karen Rose Smith

Usually when I receive a cover for one of my books--over 85 now--I file it with my promotional materials and wait for my readers' reactions when I post it.  I write many stories about families.  That's why I came up with The Mommy Club concept for this Harlequin Special Edition series.  The Mommy Club is an organization with volunteers who help parents in need--from clothes to food to a summer lunch program to affordable daycare.  I hope you enjoy this series about people helping people who make children a priority.

A MATCH MADE BY BABY is book 2 in my Mommy Club series.  Here is a preview of what the book is about:

Family in training?

Only an emergency could bring on-call pediatrician Kaitlyn Foster to Adam Preston's condo.  But the man who opens the door--with a crying infant on his shoulder--is a world away from the globe-trotting bachelor whose kisses still burn in her memory.  And he's in desperate need of her baby expertise!

Adam can't believe The Mommy Club volunteer is the gorgeous blonde who's been haunting his fantasies for almost a year.  The baby doc couldn't have come at a better time.  The environmental scientist is used to traveling to remote corners of the world, not acting as stand-in father to his two-month-old niece.  But Kaitlyn's already working her magic on both of them.  Is Adam finally ready to put down roots with the woman who's carved a permanent place in his heart?

Book 1 in The Mommy Club series
Book 2 in The Mommy Club series



Deborah Blake said...

What a wonderful cover! I don't usually read these kind of books, but I might have to get this one! (I do love a man with a baby...)

KRS said...

This is one of my best covers. And the hero is yummy! For a guy with a Ph.D! :)
Thanks for stopping by.