Sunday, March 23, 2014

Do You Have a #Bliss #List? by Karen Rose Smith

Did you ever make a list of your bliss--those things that you know make you at peace, happy and fulfilled?  Sometimes I forget that I play a part in finding my own happiness.  Yes, it's like a butterfly flitting here and there, but sometimes I can help it land.  My bliss involves work and play.  Maybe my list will inspire yours.

A day writing with characters I love, a plot that's compelling and no phone calls, emails, blogs or electronic devices beeping at me.

Watching hummingbirds play and eat in the hummingbird garden I grew for them.

Playing "catch a shoelace" with our three cats, one at a time or all together.

Hanging sun catchers at the windows so I have rainbows dancing on the walls all year long.

Sitting at a picnic table with friends and catching up on each other's lives.

Listening to my son's voice and remembering him as a child, as well as appreciating him as an adult.

Visiting a place of power like the red rocks of Sedona, the Grand Canyon, the Big Horn Mountains where the wild mustangs still roam.

Spending time at a nearby wolf sanctuary and appreciating their beauty and the dedication of the volunteers who care for them.

Watching a favorite TV show with my husband and shutting out the rest of the world.  a favorite TV show with my husband and shutting out the rest f the world.
Becoming lost in a new book I can't put down.

Listening to music that opens my emotions and fills my soul.

Rising before sunrise to watch a day break wide open in golden beauty.

If you'd like, feel free to share your blissful moments in the comments.  Maybe yours will inspire more of mine.  To much bliss in all of our lives!

©2014 Karen Rose Smith


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Between the Pages with Katrina said...

Watching the sunrise or sunset over the lake while fishing.
Getting lost in a good book.
Working in the garden with my husband.
Those are just a few of my bliss moments.

Mary J. Forbes said...

What a wonderful list, Karen! Several of yours are similar to mine. :) I'll add another: smelling the lovely scents of the roses I've planted....

Dawna Kreis said...

I loved your list, Karen. I truly felt lighter as I read through it. Especially because it reminded me where my own bliss lies. Many of the points you mentioned, I, too, enjoy. Will have to think upon this more.

So glad to come across such wonderful inspiration this morning.

Thank you!

KRS said...

Thanks for sharing yours!

KRS said...

Roses are definitely another for me too. I'm hoping for blooms galore this year.

KRS said...

Thanks for stopping by.