Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sneak Peek--APRIL'S PROMISE by Karen Rose Smith

I'm taking part in a Sneak Peek blog hop by my writer's group.  APRIL'S PROMISE is my new release, the first book in my FOREVER LOVE series. April made a promise to her dying sister that now haunts her.  She has returned to her home town because...

Gabe needs you.

April Remmington could hear her mother's voice as clearly as if Winnifred Remmington were standing beside her.

Waiting at her brother-in-law's door in the dimming light, April rang the bell a second time.  As the October breeze tossed russet leaves around the pillars on the porch, she tried to lock the secret she carried in a tight box in her heart.

If Gabe ever found out what she knew--

After a few more minutes, she turned the knob and pushed the door open.  The sound of happy-go-lucky, children's music blared from the kitchen into the foyer.  There were toys strewn in the living room from one end to the other.

The half-eaten sandwich on the coffee table and the tilted-over tumbler lying on its side told April even more explicitly than her mother's words that, since Stephie's nanny had left to help her daughter, Gabe was having problems juggling being a CEO and a single parent.

©2013 Karen Rose Smith

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Delynn Royer said...

Nice peek, Karen! Packs a whole lot of reader questions into six paragraphs. I checked out the blurb on Amazon, and this looks like another KRS must-read. Darn! My beach vacation TBR list is getting long. I need to take two weeks off work rather than one. Think my boss will mind? ;)

KRS said...

Can you even imagine two weeks just to read...or write? Very Big Sigh.