Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Release by Karen Rose Smith, APRIL'S PROMISE, Forever Love series

Some stories sit in my heart until I feel the time is right to bring them into the light.  APRIL'S PROMISE is one of those books.  It stretches the bounds of category romance.  But at its heart, it's a reunion romance, which are my favorite romances to write.  My plotlines usually spin around the integrity of my hero and heroine.  An honorable man, Gabe never imagined his wife, April's sister, wouldn't be honorable.  An honorable woman, April made a promise to her sister when she was dying because it was the right thing to do.  In the end, Gabe and April realize only true honesty can be the foundation for a lasting commitment.

After writing and seeing published over eighty novels,  I don't think I'll ever tire of weaving romances and giving my characters happily-ever-afters.  APRIL'S PROMISE is the first book in my FOREVER LOVE series.  And, yes, the next book is plotted.  The hero will be Nicholas, Gabe's best friend.  I like writing a series because, like my readers, I look forward to returning to the same town and characters who I've gotten to know in a previous book.  Cedar Corners is a small town near Richmond, Virginia, and a perfect setting for this series.

Already I have plans in the works and a narrator lined up to produce APRIL'S PROMISE into an audiobook.  I'm also hoping that by the end of July, it will be available in print.

When I'm not writing romances, I'm writing mysteries, or blogging, or Skyping with another writer.  To take a break from that side of my life, I enjoy digging into my mother's and grandmother's recipe boxes to create food to enjoy with family and friends.  I also garden, and watching plants grow is a similar process to watching a plot develop!

I look forward to many more plots developing for the FOREVER LOVE series.

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