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Writing about kids and parents seems to come naturally to me. Maybe because I taught both elementary and high school, or just maybe because I have a son and can still remember the days when I often didn't know what would happen next. Kids bring surprises and can cook up plots that seem totally feasible to them.

WHEN MOM MEETS DAD was originally published as MOM MEETS DAD in its first edition. It was easy to update and revise this one because the story is one of my favorite kid plots. Two little nine year old girls who are best friends decide their parents would be perfect for each other. Both of them need two parents and they want to be real sisters. What could be easier than bringing their parents together so they can fall in love?

So...  Kristi has let her math grade fall during the last quarter of the school year so her best friend's mom who is a teacher can tutor her.  And when Amanda's mower won't start, the girls see this as a perfect opportunity for ... When Mom meets Dad.

As she took oatmeal cookies from a canister and arranged them on a plate, Amanda glanced out the window.  Good heavens!  Alex Woodsides had removed his shirt.  All she could do was stare as he pulled on the starter rope.  Muscular arms.  Broad back shoulders.  Slim waist.  And when he turned...

She quickly moved to the table with the plate of cookies. but not before she'd glimpsed thick wavy dark hair arrowing down his chest.  She'd no sooner carried the glasses to the table when her back screen door opened.  Suddenly the man from her dreams was standing in her kitchen--hot, sweated and exceptionally male.

At first she couldn't find her voice.  Finally she managed, "Did you find the problem?"

"Sure did.  A gummed up spark plug."  He set it on the counter.  "Just take that to the hardware store for a replacement."

She gave a sigh of relief.  "I thought the mower was on it's last leg.  Thanks."

They stared at each other for a few moments, neither of them moving.  Amanda was too aware of Alex's scent, both male and cologne, and the heat that seemed to rise up between them.  She had to break the spell and distance herself.  Now!

WHEN MOM MEETS DAD will soon be in audiobook.  Johnny Peppers who narrated TOYS AND BABY WISHES will be narrating this one, too. Again he tells my story expertly, with humor and feeling. Thank you, Johnny. Hopefully the audiobook will be available in May. Check with me anytime for more information. You can contact me here on my blog or through my websites.

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Delynn Royer said...

Oh, I love it! Cute and sexy! How is it I missed this book? It puts me in mind of The Parent Trap. And now I have to decide if I'd rather read it or listen to Johnny Peppers. I think he did a great job in the last audio book he did for you. :)

KRS said...

The original Parent Trap was one of my favorite movies. And Johnny is doing a great job on this book, too. He is sooo Alex.:)

Shelley Munro said...

What a great peek. I think the girls' plan might work! Heck, it is working.

KRS said...

Shelley--the girls were so much fun to write. Thanks for stopping by.