Saturday, April 13, 2013


ALWAYS HER COWBOY, an original indie novel, is a contemporary ranch romance that's a mixture of sweet and sexy, old fashioned and up-to-date. Although it takes place on a Wyoming ranch, my hero Zack escaped a background as a doctor in L.A. that caused him pain. My heroine, Lucy, is exactly what he needs with her vulnerable faith in her family and her world. Zack, of course, fights his physical attraction for her and constantly backs away from her emotional pull. But this winter night, when Lucy has been reunited with her twin sister, his turmoil is greater than it's ever been.When I chose the narrator to tell this story, Australian Ben Maclaine auditioned and this was part of his audition piece. He was Zack and perfect for this book. I looked no farther.

Here is your sneak peek.

Hesitating a moment, finally Lucy crossed to him.  "What's wrong?"  Zack was quick to answer, "Nothing's wrong. I needed fresh air."

"This is frigid air and the only reason you might want to still be out here is to numb something that might be thawing."

"I don't need a psychologist," he snapped.

"What you need is a friend. I can be that if you let me."

She was so damn stubborn sometimes. "A friend won't help. Nothing will help. I lost my wife and I lost my child and nothing will every bring them back." He couldn't believe the vehement bitterness in just saying it.  Coming closer, Lucy looked up at him. "No, nothing will ever bring them back."

It was as if someone else saying the words finally made their deaths much too real. Zack felt his throat constricting and his eyes stinging and he turned away from her to stare into the dark night.

©2013 Karen Rose Smith


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Delynn Royer said...

Wow! That packed an emotional punch. Pulled me in and wouldn't let me go. And I love that cover!

KRS said...

This is my favorite scene in the book. And with Ben telling the story, it packs even more emotion into it.

Nikki said...

Emotional, stubborn pride...Love it!

KRS said...

Nikki--the best part is when a hero like this finally admits his feelings. Oh, the power we writers have. :)