Saturday, March 9, 2013


My sneak peek this week is my contemporary romance WISH ON THE MOON which has just been produced in an audiobook!  This was my first Special Edition but I've updated and revised it for ebook form now.  It's part of my FINDING MR. RIGHT series.  In it a prodigal daughter is reunited with her dad at her childhood home.  But Mitch Riley has entered the picture now.  Not only did he fetch her from a different life, but he might have even taken her place in her father's affections.  They clash from their first meeting until Mitch realizes there are two sides to every story.  This mother with a young daughter isn't the wild child his mentor described and...his heart is at risk. 

I hope you enjoy it.  See book trailer below for a preview.

Laura stepped away from Mitch, away from the shadows of a tall maple, into the moon's full light.  "Do you ever wish on the moon?"

Her profile was perfect.  It tugged at him as much as the fancy of her question.  "I thought people wished on stars."

"The moon's bigger, closer, more touchable."

"That's not very scientific."

"Neither is wishing.  But it works."  She glanced at him, her smile small and mysterious.  "Wishes are like pictures you draw in your mind.  They're always there whether you know it or not, just waiting to come to life.  When you picture something, you can make it happen."

Book Trailer WISH ON THE MOON 

AUDIOBOOK Wish On The Moon  Sample audiobook here.

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Delynn Royer said...

Really enjoyed that snippet, Karen. Whimsical and so romantic. A lovely tie-in with the title, too. (And love the cover art!)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I like it! I'll have to start wishing on the moon now. :)

KRS said...

Delynn--usually I like bright! But this was just right. Judy Bullard is an artist.

KRS said...

Natalie--I spend summer nights under the moon writing on the patio. Since I tape, the inspiration is perfect.