Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Most of my blogs about Zoie, the kitten we rescued this summer, have been the story of what's happened since we adopted her and she adopted us.  And I'll continue with that in upcoming weeks.  But this week,  for Thanksgiving, I just have to blog how thankful we are that we found her and she found us.

So here are some of the reasons we are thankful for Zoie Joy:

My husband retired this year and it's been an adjustment!  As a writer I've been used to being alone all day and just talking to our cats London and Ebbie.  But Zoie has made this transition easier.  Taking care of her has bonded us in a way we'd forgotten about when our son was small.  Nuturing and sharing love has brought about renewal.  We have a common goal, a being to care for togetehr, a reason to enjoy each day more fully.

We have to thank Zoie for the many belly laughs--downright tear-rolling, can you believe she's doing that? kind of comedic entertainment.  Maybe you have to love animals to appreciate kitty antics, but smiling and laughing is great for the heart and soul.  From Zoie playing like a little imp with London to her new pastime of  watching TV, we're amused too many times to count!

Ebbie and London want to thank Zoie for their new lease on life.  They are more active again and seem in better health.  Maybe they're laughing under those whiskers, too.

I'm thankful that spending time petting and nurturing Zoie seems to relax me in a way nothing else can.  I heard somewhere that petting an animal lowers blood pressure.  I know I'm more calm and peaceful after she falls asleep in my lap or when she looks up at me with those big golden eyes.  And whether my husband will admit it or not, I think the same is true for him.

I've got to thank Zoie for making me feel like a mom again.  Our son is grown and more than half a country away.  Caring for a baby kitten definitely brought out my motherly instincts again.  Nurturing Zoie has brought back happy memories of the times when our son was two and we adopted a kitten who became his playmate, when we brought home Ebbie and London, when we watched all of their personalities develop as they became integral members of the family.

I have so much to be thankful and grateful for this year, not the least of which is a black kitten with tuxedo markings who has a hold on my heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Jacqueline Hopper said...

I love reading stories like this about kittens and puppies.

Angela Adams said...

Half-way through reading, I said to myself "a kitten is just like having a baby." Then, I read your note about Zoie filing that void. Happy Thanksgiving.

KRS said...

Jacqueline--Thanks for stopping by. I think I've found a new niche writing about the animals that become part of our families. Have a great Thanksgiving.

KRS said...

Angela--Yep, adopting Zoie made me remember all those new mother feelings. That's why I had to write this blog. Have a happy Thanksgiving.