Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sprouts and Thinning, Planting Petunias Week 4

I found this in our garden--Orchid/Iris Lady Beatrix Stanley.  They pop up early, even before crocuses but never this early.  And it is the beautiful blue in the photo.  I might not have blue petunias this year (they still aren't popping up), but these are such a dramatic harbinger of spring.

Our cat London is keeping me company while I plant.  Although she often gets into trouble, she doesn't dig in the dirt or bother seedlings I start in the kitchen.  Maybe that's because I plant grass for her and her sister Ebbie and it's all theirs.

This is thinning week.  I really hate pulling out those baby shoots.  I use a tweezers to facilitate the process.  In the peat pots I might leave two shoots for a little while if they're far enough a part.  As you can see, the root is already over an inch.  If I don't thin them, they will get tangled and stunt growth.

The first seeds I planted are growing much faster than last year.  I lowered the grow light and in only a month, a few have four leaves.  I water every 24-48 hours, adding water to the pan the peat pots sit in and then spritzing the top.  I'm thinking about planting a few more petunias since they are coming up this fast.  I'd like mature plants to add to patio containers in May.

Hopefully this week I will ready a second grow light in preparation for planting tomatoes.

Have a great week and happy planting!

Karen Rose Smith

2012 Karen Rose Smith



Jodi Lea Stewart said...

You brought some of my Granddad Woods' "farmer blood" to the surface with this post, Karen! I love how you handle each plant so delicately. This has definitely put me in the mood for spring!

KRS said...

Jodi--When I started doing this, I came to a new respect for plants and growing things! My BFF's daughter says I treat them like babies. :)

Cora said...

You patience is amazing. I love plants, planting and growing things, but haven't gotten in to starting early in peat pots. You're an inspiration!

KRS said...

Cora--Maybe because our son is far away, but I like taking care of animals and plants! There is something miraculous about watching that tiny seed turn into a plant that actually blooms in the summer.

katpark098 said...

There is that feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment when you see your plants grow. Like for me, when I do rose planting, and see how colorful, healthy and vibrant the flower will become it gives me a sense of peace.

KRS said...

Kat--I have roses in the house whenever I can from our bushes. I also make sachets from the rose petals for Christmas presents. Thanks for commenting.