Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Do you like winter?

Living in Pennsylvania I'm used to four seasons. There are plenty of reasons to like them all. As a writer, I take photographs as well as notes on each one--the lilacs in spring, the zinnias in summer, the orange maple leaves in the fall, the blue of the spruce in winter. I don't just take notes where I live but where I visit, too.  Great research. On my IPAD I list the location of the book I'm working on so I can follow the weather there while I write. That gives a feeling of accuracy as well as immediacy.

When people say they miss the seasons when they visit California or Florida, I think what they might miss most is the extremes of winter.  It's the most dramatic season. This year in my area we had snow on Halloween and haven't had a measurable downfall since! This is so unusual, we are ready for snow.

I was with friends when we started the discussion on why we like to get snowed in.

We light the fireplace.
We talk to each other.
Schools are closed. (Teachers as well as students voted for this one!)
We can go sledding.
We can go into work later.
We do crafts.
We read.
There is silence outside.
We watch the birds at the feeders.
We get out grandma's afghans.
We bake bread.
We cook favorite food.
We have pancakes for supper.
We listen to music.
We're together.

I think that last reason says it all. What do you like most about being snowed in?

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Debora Dennis said...

I'm an East Coast girl. Born and raised in NY. We moved with my husbands job years ago to California - although the weather was perfect and warm and we loved it there - after 7 years I longed for my NY seasons. We moved back home. :)

KRS said...

When we have beautiful spring or summer days, I think about what it would be like to have those days every day. But some of my favorites are clear cold sunny days, too. And the turning of leaves...

April Plummer said...

It depends...if we are w/o the little one, hubs and I sit on the sofa and watch an entire season or series of something on Netflix while drinking. LOL. If we have the little one, he take her outside, and since I can't stand the cold, I take a hot bath. We also play board games, light the fire, take pictures outside because the world is a magic place when laden with fresh snow, tell stories, laugh, giggle, watch movies...I love being snowed in!

Don't think it's gonna happen this year, though!

KRS said...

April--We've had some slammer snows in late Feb. and early March. I'd like about 4 inches. Not too little, not too much. :)

Kathleen O said...

I live in the heart of the the snow belt in Ontario, Canada and I have seen some pretty good snowstorms.
Being snowed in makes me just want to coxy down with a good book, a hot pot of tea, and my favourite blanket, with my tunes playing.. AH bliss...

Liv Rancourt said...

Snowed in? How about a fire in the fireplace, the kids a bit soggy from sledding, and maybe a hit of peppermint schnapps in the ol' hot chocolate.

Susi Nonnemacher said...

I really dislike winter--I can't stand the temperatures. That being said, I did live in Florida for a few years, and I quickly found myself missing the change of seasons. Unfortunately, if you take winter away, spring and summer (my two favorites)and all of their beauty go with it. So, I eventually found myself back in eastern PA. I will say that this winter is really getting to me--we have had a handful of really cold days, and I am not getting the snow to make it worth it!

KRS said...

Liv--had forgotten about peppermint schnapps. Great idea.

KRS said...

Kathleen--exactly what happens here. When deep snow s predicted, i aways fill the insulated carafe with hot water in case the electricity goes out.

KRS said...

Susi--A dusting is all we got. And I don't see any in the forecast. But our ground is still covered because of the temp.

Linda Maye Adams said...

I don't like being snowed in, and I don't like cold weather. I'm from Southern California, and the cold is one of the things I've never gotten used to in Virginia. After we got 54 inches last year, work shut down for four days. The sidewalks were nearly unpassable, and my car was trapped in the parking lot. Here, when the weather turns bad, a 10 minute commute can turn into 2 hours, and an hour commute can turn into 8. There is nothing fun about trying to get home from work, and the major interchange in between just closed.

Carrie Daws said...

I think my favorite part about being snowed-in is the simple excuse to not go anywhere! I have three kids allay the she where they are trying out activities and finding what they like. Beyween their schedules and mine, it feels like we always have someplace to be. Having to stay home -- guilt free sounds do nice!!

KRS said...

Linda--living in the NE, I think we are used to the inconvenience of snow. But for areas not prepared for it, it is a hassle. With the big snows, we can be snowed in for a few days. I guess that's why I try to look for the good in it.

KRS said...

Carrie--I do like the feeling of everything being shut down so we all can relax from what we usually do.

Cora said...

I love the picture you painted of winter and the quiet activities you partake of. I do live in California and it is not all sun and sea where I live. We do get seasons in the San Joaquin Valley. But in winter we don't often get the snow (sometimes but not usually), we get overcast, cold, fog and drizzle--who likes drizzle?

I used to love the fireplace days in winter but now we have to observe lots of no burn days most of the time because our air is bad, especially in winter with the 'inversion layer' pressing all the bad air down.

So when Spring starts peeking around the corner I brighten up considerably. Spring and Fall-great. Summer-awful, 100+ days, but I won't go there.

I'd rather think of your cozy winter days around the fireplace with friends, afgans, tea and talk.

KRS said...

Cora--I visited CA when I was 16 and would like to visit again. Our seasons used to be more defined in PA. Now sometimes winter jumps right into summer! But I appreciate the colors and scents of all.

Kevin Hanrahan said...

I love to be snowed in Karen. It slows down the pace of life.

KRS said...

Kevin--That's what I like--time we don't normally have because the outside world doesn't intrude. Thanks for stopping by.

Unknown said...

Karen - I've only ever been snowed in at a Ski Resort and that was fun! I can relate to comments about locations which don't experience distinct seasons though - we once lived in Queensland which takes subtropical and tropical. Although it does get cool there (especially when you're not prepared for it) on the cold it never gets really cold and I remember winter after winter simply longing to be cold and rug up warm.