Sunday, August 30, 2020

Toasted Nut Brulee Oolong #Tea by Karen Rose Smith


I write a cozy mystery series for Kensington Books.  My Daisy's Tea Garden series is set in Lancaster, PA Amish country in a fictional town named Willow Creek.  Many of the scenes are set in Daisy's tea garden that she owns with her Aunt Iris.  In the next weeks, I'll be tasting teas that are new to me and blogging about them.  I'll also share a hint about my next release that will be available at the end of December, MURDER WITH OOLONG TEA.

To brew tea, I use a teapot I heat on the stovetop rather than an electric pot. 

I have a variety of china tea pots for brewing, many handed down by my mother. I enjoy using them to evoke memories or simply to make me smile. I use an infuser that can easily hold six teaspoons of loose tea, though most of my teapots hold four cups.

This teapot is a James Sadler made in England. The vintage tea cup belonged to my mom. It’s Royal Sealy China. I believe that atmosphere you create when brewing tea can bring a sense of calm and a return to a refined time. 



This week I’m tasting Toasted Nut Brulee Oolong Tea. This caffeinated tea is hand blended by Plum Tea Deluxe.  I brewed a teaspoon a cup for six minutes. It’s just what the name purports it to be—the flavor of nuts and a velvety, rich smoothness on my tongue. I particularly like this tea hot. My husband likes it iced. It’s a mixture of oolong, black tea, rooibus, apple pieces, along with nut and flower essences.


In Murder With Oolong Tea, Daisy is serving tea at a teacher appreciation luncheon.  She hears a scream coming from the pool area...


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Release Date: DECEMBER 29, 2020



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