Thursday, July 2, 2015

#FelineFriday--Cats This Week by Karen Rose Smith 7/3

This week was one of upheaval for our felines as my husband and I traveled half way across the country to visit our son, leaving Zoie Joy, London, Miss Paddington, Halo and Sunnybud with my BFF. It is so difficult in our area to find reliable cat sitters and we wanted to enjoy our trip without worrying about our furry housemates. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful friend who is a cat lover.  She agreed to house and pet sit while we were gone. We left her with a counter of food and ten pages of instructions which she could follow to keep the feline routine as normal as possible while we were gone. From the reaction of the cats when we returned, she did a wonderful job!

Zoie and Paddy "help" pack our suitcases for the trip.
Zoie knew what removing the suitcase from the closet meant.
She stayed close to the action as we readied for our trip.

This was Paddy's first experience with us gone overnight.
Her expression says it all--"Am I going along?" 

As usual, Halo slept through the preparations.

London was not happy with our departure, but eventually ventured downstairs to join in some playtime with her sisters.

Suunybud was rather cautious about the "stranger" trying to feed him, but slowly warmed up to the idea that someone else was preparing his morning and evening meals.

Our son has two sweet cats, so we still had our share of furry companionship while we were visiting. His domestic short hair black cat and his long haired calico tolerated having their usual quiet space invaded by guests and even cuddled up for an occasional tummy rub.

Thanks to all the devoted and responsible pet sitters who care for our pets while we are away. They provide pet owners with the chance to travel away from home, knowing that our pets are cared for and loved while we are gone. Your services are truly appreciated.

Happy Fourth of July, whether you are at home or traveling!


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Anonymous said...

I always love seeing your pics and reading your posts. Thank you!

Deborah Blake said...

My cats always hate it when I go away, despite the fact that I have two lovely friends who come to feed them and visit with them (one on the morning shift and one at night). But I'm lucky to have people I can depend on to take care of them.