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Karen Rose Smith Hosts Heidi Hormel and her first #romance for Harlequin American--THE SURGEON AND THE COWGIRL

Heidi Hormel and I have known each other for years.  It just so happens we are both animal (especially cat) lovers.  I'm so happy to invite her to my blog today to talk about her first published romance for Harlequin American Romance.  Heidi, take it away!

How a pony took over my story

I am a cat person (a.k.a. minion to feline overlords). That’s not a secret so why isn’t there one danged cat in my debut novel The Surgeon and The Cowgirl? Dunno. But there is an overly cute pony named Molly who somehow went from one scene to multiple scenes to showing up in my second connected book, The Convenient Cowboy (out Aug. 4).

The real-life Molly: This pony, who lives
at Shining Stars Therapeutic Ministeries 
in Gettysburg (the inspiration for Hope's 
Ranch), is just how I pictured Molly.
Molly, however, does have some cat-like attributes—her disdain for obeying the human in her life and a diva-like expectation of adoration. While I never had a pony growing up—despite my constant begging—I did get to ride and interact with an irascible pony on my aunt and uncle’s farm. His name was King and he had attitude to burn.

The trouble was that when King first came to the farm, he was ridden quite a bit but as time moved on and we all started growing up, King did not get the work outs he needed. As a result, he decided that carting us around was not on his to-do list. He would buck us off, bite, kick, do whatever necessary for
us to leave him in the field.

Molly is much nicer in the book than King was but her sassy temperament is all him.

That’s the other reason that Molly is the cat of the pony world—that sass! My cats have always been lap cats with just a dash of diva attitude (or maybe divo attitude for the boys?).

Along with Molly in my second book, there’s also a javelina (something like a wild pig) named Petunia and a deaf puppy who needs a home. Of course, there are also a couple of horses with a lot of personality.

Ho Ho Betsi: Betsi,
my very own feline overlord,
is not shy about sharing her
opinion on cats wearing hats.
I guess I let the animals take over because isn’t that what they do in our lives. Not that I would admit this to many people, but the arrangement of furniture and various window treatments are for the feline overlord’s pleasure.

What about you? Do you sleep on only a sliver of the bed so your fur-kids are comfortable? Or maybe you turn on the A/C extra early in the season to keep them at the perfect temperature? Let me know. I’m always looking for four-legged inspirations!

Heidi Hormel has been a writer for … well, a long time. Before embarking on a career of living in a suburban garret with a recliner and a computer, she was a reporter (covering the story of the rampaging elephants Debbie and Tina) and a PR flunky (staying calm in the face of cookie gate). Her first two (published) novels are from Harlequin American Romance: THE SURGEON AND THE COWGIRL (available now) and THE CONVENIENT COWBOY (out Aug. 1). Visit her online:; Facebook, Heidi Hormel, Author; Twitter, @HeidiHormel; and Pinterest, HHormel.



USA TODAY Bestselling Author Karen Rose Smith is an only child who delved into books at an early age. She learned about kindred spirits from Anne of Green Gables, solved mysteries with Nancy Drew and wished she could have been the rider on The Black Stallion. Yet even though she escaped often into story worlds, she had many aunts, uncles and cousins around her on weekends. Her sense of family and relationships began there. Maybe that's why families are a strong theme in her novels, whether mysteries or romances. Her 87th novel will be released in 2015.

Readers often ask her about her pastimes. She has herb, flowers and vegetable gardens that help her relax. In the winter, she cooks rather than gardens. And year round she spends most of her time with her husband, as well as her four rescued cats who are her constant companions. They chase rainbows from sun catchers, reminding her life isn't all about work, awards and bestseller lists. Everyone needs that rainbow to chase.

Karen looks forward to interacting with readers. They can find her at the links below. 


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Heidi said...

I just signed a contract with Harlequin American Romance for another three books set in Arizona and connected to my first two. Of course, they are going to have "critters." I've already added a miniature burro, a cat named Cat, and a goat. Friends may start calling me Noah ;-)

Heidi said...

Everyone loves a #Giveaway, right? So here's your chance for a copy of my debut novel THE SURGEON AND THE COWGIRL -- for free! Just visit to enter!