Friday, May 22, 2015

#FelineFriday--#Cats This Week by Karen Rose Smith, 5/22

Most weeks are pretty uneventful with the cats, just filled with the usual antics.  Especially with Miss Paddington (Paddy) around who is ten months old now, Halo, Zoie, London and Paddy are usually active somewhere. (Until a few hours in the afternoon when they all take a nap.)  Can you tell Paddy and Mom Halo are two sides of the same Tortie coin?
However this week, the outside stray, Sunnybud, came to us with a wound on the top of his his 
head. To me it looked as if a bird had gone after him.  Sunnybud is still feral to a certain extent, although he lets me pet him.  He's a sweetie until he's spooked and then he bolts.  He's also independent and hates to be confined.  We tried it this winter and he freaked, practically climbing the basement walls.  So after a wet and cold night, we were totally surprised to find him in our open sunroom off the basement.  I used antiseptic--that's really a dental wash for cats and dogs--the first day because he wouldn't let me near the area on his forehead. I dripped it from my fingers. After a call to the vet, I used triple antibiotic ointment on it after that.  Now, about five days later, it's healing, though he has a new hairdo because of the ointment gelling in his fur!

Once in a while, Sunnybud stays for a petting session but most days he eats and leaves to go on his travels.  He's definitely unique.

Zoie was her usual sweet self this week.  She's my cuddle buddy and is usually nearby when she's not playing with Paddy. They run and chase and paw at each other but they're friends. 

Paddy likes high places!  She can watch the world from the top of the refrigerator.  Or scamper after Zoie when she spots her.  Paddy is an independent tortie and cuddles mostly with her mom rather than us.  However, she likes to be petted and is a sweetie, too.

Our oldest cat, London, who is fourteen likes to play with the laser light.  She sleeps a lot and acts as if she doesn't want Paddy to bother her.  But often I'll find her sleeping in the vicinity of Halo and Paddy in the afternoon. London has always liked sunshine!

Arthur visits us sporadically.  He's definitely an alpha and thinks he can control the property when he's here.  But he eats, rolls around a little, then goes on his way.

Sweet Halo
Until next week...


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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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They're all adorable. Halo has such a sweet face, and I have a soft spot for Sunnybud